Guilt Free

Energy boost your soul.

I spent my childhood like most, pizza, soda, sugar, more crap that isn't food.  I also turned vegetarian at 16 (not having a clue how to eat as a healthy one) & at the age of 32 went plant based.  I found inspiration for a new healthy lifestyle in a way I never had, a way that made so much sense to me.  I can tell you personally, nothing feels better than real vibrant food.  Food that feeds your soul.  I reverted back to vegetarian right before the year mark of my plant based ways because I felt the stress I was putting on myself.  The stress that was eating out at non-vegan restaurants, stress from others, the guilt I pushed on my shoulders while fighting off cheese pizza.

Then I felt it again.  The heavy food, the cheese, just sitting there stealing my energy.  The guilt I felt for what I was doing to my body when I knew what put me at my best.

Plants forever.  Real food forever.  If I ever want a random (vegetarian) cookie with my sweet tribe.  Well that won't kill me either.

Here's to living, loving ourselves & our beautiful bodies. 
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