With Summer pretty much here in Texas you can't help but think about your body.  

Your body in a swimsuit.  Or shorts (I'm a jean girl). 

I know I am way too hard on myself & for real what is in my head is some false shit.  That shit is airbrushed Marianne,  a i r  b r u s h e d. 

So I cut my preloved Levi's into shorts.  Legs, welcome to the world.  World, grab your sunglasses. 

I've been eating like a plant based champ & doing my daily morning workout routine.  So really I need to chill out & love my body.  I never want to look back & think about how stupid I was being for not living.  Not soaking it all in.  Feeling life on my skin & in my heart. 

So here's to short shorts, ladies.  

Cause you are a Babe. 

Morning Workout  / /  

I follow Tone It Up daily workouts. 

I also bounce every morning (current fave rebounder workout)
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