The timing is right, the feelings are all there & so here I am writing / sharing what didn't seem possible just last year.  It has been only days past 6 months since we sold our "dream home" our "third baby" our "forever home" the home that we built with over ten years of love & design ideas.  

Here I sit in our new office of the Nomad warehouse, that wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for that "dream home."  I can look at photos now & my heart is still so proud but even more grateful.  Letting go was the best thing we could have done.  The vibes were never right in that home, we were holding on for the wrong reasons.  We are so happy now.  I even realized I deleted some detail images of the home tour I captured (so we could remember everything) and I am totally at ease with it. 

Thank you for our dream life, dream home. 

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