Nine months now.

Nine months of living in an rv with my little tribe.  Nine months of change & challenges with such beautiful growth.  My husband & I have always struggled with slowing down our minds.  We are dreamers who thrive on excitement & have never been scared to jump. 

Nine months, nine months and we finally feel it.  It's so blissful to feel it finally.  We have learned to let our moments, our daily growth mold our future, a day at a time.  To let go & trust.  To know that where things end up are just where they were meant to be. 

I could have never written this story of ours but words could never describe how proud I am that I get to live it.  Our hearts know the path and the pages are proof. 

We have decided we will be in our rv a little longer as we save to build our cabana all on our own dime.  As we do so, plans will change & so will our ideas.  Like as the raindrops fall above our heads we decide against digging a well & will collect our rainwater instead.  

Just slow down & listen to your heart.  She's playing the most romantic tune. 

As the raindrops fall. 
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