Time has slipped away from me and this here spot of mine on the big web.  In my last post, Rain, I had talked about our current plans and also wrote: 

"Just slow down & listen to your heart.  She's playing the most romantic tune."

So here I am nine months later, with the rain falling from the sky yet again, and my have things changed.   We decided against throwing all our cash into our said Cabana and built a home in our warehouse where we build tiny homes.   We will forever cherish the time we spent, the lessons learned and more so the memories we created in our rv during that year BUT we are beyond loving our new home.  The Shop Shack, a 600 sqft small space we designed for our family of 4 plus two pups. 

Speaking of the raindrops, that idea didn't change and we collect / live off of them and adore each rain shower more than one could believe.   

Our stories may twist and turn but at the end of the day, they are our stories. 

So here I write, from my new home.  With the most grateful heart.  If we aren't learning as we go, are we really living? 

Keep listening, your heart never rests. 
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